Thursday, July 05, 2007


Happy 4th

I went to the HB Parade on the 4th for the first time in years. We went to a friend of a friend’s house who lives on the route – I finally took them up on the offer. My preference in the past has been to celebrate by sleeping in, but my wife wanted to take the kid to the parade. We had a good time at a great location (thanks Taylors!). One thing of note: every time a military group went by, most people in the crowd on both sides of the street stood and applauded. It was nice to see (and do) that. Some of the groups were American Legion, Pearl Harbor Survivors (it seemed there were still quite a few), WWII Vets, Vietnam Vets, recent returnees from Afghanistan, and a reenactment group.

There was a group of four people in the parade displaying a “give peace a chance” banner that the crowd pretty much ignored, and a delegation of about 50 “Democrats in Orange County.” I wondered aloud if that were all of the democrats from OC. One could only hope...

My wife told me later she overheard a conversation from some teens where one asked another, “What is POW-MIA?,” pronouncing it as a word (there were a number of vehicles with those flags). After a bit, she had to explain that it meant “prisoner of war” and “missing in action.” Seemed sad that they didn’t know. She had a Vietnam MIA bracelet in High School (her dad was retired Navy).

We’ll probably go again next year.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Can you keep a secet?

A father walks over to his 5-year old son in their living room and asks him, “Can you keep a secret?”

The boy says, “Yes.”

The dad tells him, “Okay, you know that today is mom’s birthday, right?”

“Uh huh,” the son answers.

“Well, while mom is out having lunch with her friends right now, I’m having something delivered for her birthday. Do you remember when I was coming home late from work recently?”

“Yeah, how come?”

“Because I was working overtime to earn some extra money. There is a painting at a local art store that I know mommy will love, but it costs a lot of money. I put the extra money in a secret place so it will be a surprise. Now I’m having the lady from the store come over to deliver it and hang it next to mommy’s dresser where she can look at it every day when she wakes up.”

“Can I watch the lady hang it?” the boy asks.

“Certainly,” says dad.

A knock comes at the door and its the lady from the art store. They all go into the bedroom and watch her hang the painting. The father pulls out an envelope from his sock drawer, uses the money in it to pay for the artwork and says to the son, “Don’t tell mommy that it costs a lot of money, because she might be upset that I spent so much. But she is worth it.”

“Okay, daddy,” he replies.

The father and son then leave to go pick up the mom from the restaurant. When they get there, they see her at the crowded restaurant, sitting at a patio table with all of her friends. The boy runs over to her and yells out, “Mommy, mommy! Daddy is keeping secrets from you, and he has money you don’t know about, and a lady was in your bedroom, and daddy said I could watch, and he gave her money, and he said not to tell you because you would be mad!.”

A hush fell over the restaurant.

“Oh,” the son remembers, “and he said she is worth it!”

The boy grew up to be a New York Times reporter.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Liberal Heads are Exploding


Hat tip: Wizbang

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Is it Nov 08 Already?

Since the presidential candidates are so eager to get the campaigning going, I guess I should keep track of some of the stuff going on.

My choices at this point, in order of electability are: Giuliani (gotta learn how to spell that one!), Romney, Hunter (as in Duncan). In order of preference (such as conservatism): Hunter, Romney, Giuliani.

Giuliani has some baggage but did some good stuff for NYC and showed a lot of character and strength on 9/11. His history with abortion rights should be taken care of with his stance on SCOTUS appointments, and I don't care so much about guns.

I've been impressed with Romney since the Salt Lake Olympics and the fact that he got elected as a Republican Governor in (M)assachusetts. But he has shown some 'blowin in the wind' tendencies.

Duncan Hunter appears to have all of the right Conservative stuff, at least as much as I've heard, but he is too much of an unknown. Plus, Reps rarely make it to the big dance.

I may bounce between Giuliani and Romney up to the primaries, but will almost certainly support whoever ends up as the Republican nominee (even if it is McCain - yeech!).

Update: Fred Thompson? Hmmm...

Update2: Yes, Fred.


Thursday, December 07, 2006


Is Nothing Sacred?

The other night, the family and I went to our City's civic center to watch the "lighting of the tree" and partake in the other activities of that evening. They had Santa Claus, Christmas carolers and choirs, a bell choir from a nearby church playing Christmas songs, a train (tram?) ride through a Christmas village, and some crafts for kids with Christmas decorations. (Recognize a theme here?)

Shortly after the festivities started came time for the major event. The incoming mayor started speechmaking, going on and on (with my son saying "Daddy, when are they going to light the Christmas tree?"). Then the sound of a motorcycle revving, and Santa is sighted, making his appearance to light the...
Freedom tree???

We didn't want to watch the lighting of a "Freedom" tree, we wanted to see the Christmas tree. Everything else there was "Christmas." Except for the tree. What was wrong with the tree?

Would there be someone there, while listening to the Christmas music, riding the Christmas train, sitting on Santa's lap, doing Christmas crafts, be offended by a "Christmas" tree?

We have what used to be known as a Christmas break - now it is a "holiday" break. If we had off for Ramadan, I wouldn't have a problem calling it "Ramadan break," or lighting a Ramadan tree, or eating Ramadan cookies, if that was what society did as a whole. If people want to walk around with dots on their foreheads, or wear orange robes and flowers, or ride bicycles while wearing suits, it doesn't offend me, knock yourselves out. But why can't my City have a Christmas tree?

I don't think we'll be going next year.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


What ever happened to dialog?

Ok, so I'm reading a post at WuzzaDem, and it has a link to another blog from the Left about Senator Webb not wanting to talk about his son at a party Bush is throwing for him and the other freshmen congresspeople. Someone named Dana from the Right side left five posts (partly talking about a trackback issue) and got banned. I decided to put in my 2 cents worth, being on my best behavior, trying to appreciate the points from the blog's author (who comments a LOT on her(?) own blog, BTW).

After I figured out that there was no way I would be taken seriously, I left some closing points, identifying that I would leave. A few posts later, after some arguments that had pretty much nothing to do with the previous discussion, the owner closed the thread. "The Mouth Breathers are leaving the usual offal on the thread, so I'm going to close it."

Maybe I'm leading a sheltered life, but on the blogs I visit regularly on the Right, they don't close the threads when they aren't getting their way. How many times do we hear that the Right is out of touch, devisive, heavy handed, etc., and it really seems that the Left are all of these things? They try to control the message, and when they can't, they shut it down. I'm a bit suprised the thread is still there.

At least I learned a new word.

Offal: n. All parts of an animal which are removed from the carcass when it is dressed for food, e.g. entrails, heart, liver, kidneys, head, tail.

According to to the above reference, I'm considered part of the stuff that made the animal tick, including the heart. Is that blog owner just an empty shell? I can accept that.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Book Recommendation - from Dear Abby?

While perusing the funny pages on Friday (11/24) I came across the Dear Abby column, which I normally read to see what kind of goofy people are out there and what kind of therapy Abby thinks they need. At the end of today's column, she has an unsolicited note about a recommendation for a gift to give someone who "aspires for a career in news reporting."

Watchdogs of Democracy? by Helen Thomas.

What does Helen Thomas have to do with news reporting? Abby states that "The Lady in Red" "comments about what it takes to be a responsible journalist." I'm not sure Ms Thomas would know what responsible journalism was if it came in the form of Bill Clinton and kissed her on the lips. I think Abby would have been better off recommending therapy for the Bush Derangement Syndrome she suffers from.

Wouldn't "The Lady in Blue" be more appropriate? And the subtitle of the book - "The waning Washington Press Corps and how it has failed the public" - I couldn't agree more, especially her job.


Lunch with the Captain

Had lunch today with Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters. Also met Patterico (and some other people who's names I don't remember- sorry!). The Admiral and his wife were there and the First Mate showed up later. A good time was had by all. (Good service from El Torrito - I don't know how the waitress got everything straight, especially with separate checks - and the restaurant was very accomodating to the group.)

I sat at the quieter end of the table and met some interesting people. Two people were educators - one was a secretary for LAUSD, the other an educator in the juvenile detention system. Another person was a retired consultant who worked with business and financial stuff (he had an interesting story about setting up a J.P. Getty foundation office that was in chaos). Then there was the guy who lived on his 45 foot boat and had lots of stories about life as a "transient" (as he was considered for the census).

There was no live blogging from the Captain. I also razzed him about his Minnesota shirt that was in Trojan colors! He thinks ND is going to win tomorrow - good luck.

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