Friday, October 13, 2006


To Wall or Not To Wall

Consternation abounds about whether the U.S. should build a wall along its southern border with Mexico. The Mexican government certainly doesn't like it (makes it difficult to get rid of the undesirables?), those who rely on new illegal immigrants (really "aliens" but I'll go along with the popular term) for cheap labor aren't happy, and there are those who think it is just plain mean.

In a CQ post, I commented about this issue.

In order to operate in a free society, the rules in place must be followed (or changed). If not followed, then enforced. Obviously, the rules regarding immigration are not being followed, and it appears the U.S. public is not interested in changing them, so they must be enforced.

Therefore, a wall is needed. Ask Israel.

Comparison between the U.S./Mexico wall and the Berlin wall can only occur at the level that they are (were) both walls. The purposes and effects were completely different. If a comparison is to be made, compare the U.S. wall with the Israel/Palestine wall. The purpose is the same - keep people out who should not be entering (except that we don't have to worry about suicide bombers at this time). And hopefully the effect will be the same - less unauthorized movement across the border.

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