Saturday, April 28, 2007


Can you keep a secet?

A father walks over to his 5-year old son in their living room and asks him, “Can you keep a secret?”

The boy says, “Yes.”

The dad tells him, “Okay, you know that today is mom’s birthday, right?”

“Uh huh,” the son answers.

“Well, while mom is out having lunch with her friends right now, I’m having something delivered for her birthday. Do you remember when I was coming home late from work recently?”

“Yeah, how come?”

“Because I was working overtime to earn some extra money. There is a painting at a local art store that I know mommy will love, but it costs a lot of money. I put the extra money in a secret place so it will be a surprise. Now I’m having the lady from the store come over to deliver it and hang it next to mommy’s dresser where she can look at it every day when she wakes up.”

“Can I watch the lady hang it?” the boy asks.

“Certainly,” says dad.

A knock comes at the door and its the lady from the art store. They all go into the bedroom and watch her hang the painting. The father pulls out an envelope from his sock drawer, uses the money in it to pay for the artwork and says to the son, “Don’t tell mommy that it costs a lot of money, because she might be upset that I spent so much. But she is worth it.”

“Okay, daddy,” he replies.

The father and son then leave to go pick up the mom from the restaurant. When they get there, they see her at the crowded restaurant, sitting at a patio table with all of her friends. The boy runs over to her and yells out, “Mommy, mommy! Daddy is keeping secrets from you, and he has money you don’t know about, and a lady was in your bedroom, and daddy said I could watch, and he gave her money, and he said not to tell you because you would be mad!.”

A hush fell over the restaurant.

“Oh,” the son remembers, “and he said she is worth it!”

The boy grew up to be a New York Times reporter.

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