Friday, November 24, 2006


Book Recommendation - from Dear Abby?

While perusing the funny pages on Friday (11/24) I came across the Dear Abby column, which I normally read to see what kind of goofy people are out there and what kind of therapy Abby thinks they need. At the end of today's column, she has an unsolicited note about a recommendation for a gift to give someone who "aspires for a career in news reporting."

Watchdogs of Democracy? by Helen Thomas.

What does Helen Thomas have to do with news reporting? Abby states that "The Lady in Red" "comments about what it takes to be a responsible journalist." I'm not sure Ms Thomas would know what responsible journalism was if it came in the form of Bill Clinton and kissed her on the lips. I think Abby would have been better off recommending therapy for the Bush Derangement Syndrome she suffers from.

Wouldn't "The Lady in Blue" be more appropriate? And the subtitle of the book - "The waning Washington Press Corps and how it has failed the public" - I couldn't agree more, especially her job.


Lunch with the Captain

Had lunch today with Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters. Also met Patterico (and some other people who's names I don't remember- sorry!). The Admiral and his wife were there and the First Mate showed up later. A good time was had by all. (Good service from El Torrito - I don't know how the waitress got everything straight, especially with separate checks - and the restaurant was very accomodating to the group.)

I sat at the quieter end of the table and met some interesting people. Two people were educators - one was a secretary for LAUSD, the other an educator in the juvenile detention system. Another person was a retired consultant who worked with business and financial stuff (he had an interesting story about setting up a J.P. Getty foundation office that was in chaos). Then there was the guy who lived on his 45 foot boat and had lots of stories about life as a "transient" (as he was considered for the census).

There was no live blogging from the Captain. I also razzed him about his Minnesota shirt that was in Trojan colors! He thinks ND is going to win tomorrow - good luck.

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