Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Random Thoughs

As I was running stuff through my head today on my way home from work, a weird thought came to me:

What if conservatives starting joining the ACLU? I mean, a lot of conservatives. Could they change the way that "organization" operated? Could it drift toward a "L"ibertarian agenda and away from a Socialism agenda?

Liberty = Libertarian?

Wouldn't that be something.


Major Milestone: My first commenter

I have reached the pinnacle. I have attained nirvana. I am somebody. Someone has read my "blog" and left a comment.


Ok, I'm over it now. Of course, I didn't notice until almost a week later.

Thanks Insider. If anyone else happens by amidst the tumbleweeds, check out Independent Sources (listed over there under my favorite blogs).

Useless trivia: There are no entries in MS Word Thesaurus for "amidst," but it does show up in the spell check. I looked it up in my dictionary to make sure it really was a word and I was using it correctly. The definition was "amid." But "amidst" popped into my head first so it wins out.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Cheney and his 'Big Shot' Lawyer Hunter Friend

Ok, shouldn't the story be about the VP who shot someone? Or how the guy is doing? Or "what in the world is the VP doing walking around with a bunch of people with guns"?

No, its "How come it took 18 hours to tell the press and you didn't tell the WH press corpse first?"

And I didn't misspell that word.


Cartoon Capers

After reading a bunch of posts and articles and listening to talking heads about the Cartoon Jihad, the common consensus seems to be that this is a freedom of speech issue. Baloney.

Just like the Newsweek (sorry, "NEWSWEEK") Koran story last year, the instigators were just looking for an excuse to riot. The cartoons were published four months ago, the "offender" apologized, and people are falling all over themselves trying to show how sensitive they are to the 'bent-out-of-shape' Islamist rioters, yet the burning goes on.

Its been a while since we heard about the French "youth" rioters, and the NEWSWEEK riots were a long time ago. Seems like the time was ripe to find something to be offended about. How about some 4 month old cartoons?

BTW, they had to make up some of the cartoons to make it look worse.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Figuring Stuff Out

Ok, I've got some stuff up her and put up some links, so it doesn't quite look like it has tumbleweeds rolling through. The next challenge, should I choose to accept it, is to post about something every once in a while.

BTW, the template I chose for the blog is in dedication to a previous favorite blog, Chrenkoff, who was always my first read. (Its not exactly the same template, but it reminds me of what he had.) He was a Pole who lived in Australia, but knew a lot about what was going on in the States. He also published a set of rather lengthy posts called "Good News From..." that was one of the only sources about good stuff coming from Iraq and Afghanistan. You can still go there and check out a lot of specifics about those theaters of operation (check out the links down the right side of the page). A lot of great info on his page, but then he went and got a real job.


I'm a blogger now?

Ok, I just wanted to get a login name for Scylla & Charybdis' blog, now I ended up with my own! There goes some of my free time.

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