Friday, November 24, 2006


Lunch with the Captain

Had lunch today with Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters. Also met Patterico (and some other people who's names I don't remember- sorry!). The Admiral and his wife were there and the First Mate showed up later. A good time was had by all. (Good service from El Torrito - I don't know how the waitress got everything straight, especially with separate checks - and the restaurant was very accomodating to the group.)

I sat at the quieter end of the table and met some interesting people. Two people were educators - one was a secretary for LAUSD, the other an educator in the juvenile detention system. Another person was a retired consultant who worked with business and financial stuff (he had an interesting story about setting up a J.P. Getty foundation office that was in chaos). Then there was the guy who lived on his 45 foot boat and had lots of stories about life as a "transient" (as he was considered for the census).

There was no live blogging from the Captain. I also razzed him about his Minnesota shirt that was in Trojan colors! He thinks ND is going to win tomorrow - good luck.

It was good meeting you too.
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