Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Major Milestone: My first commenter

I have reached the pinnacle. I have attained nirvana. I am somebody. Someone has read my "blog" and left a comment.


Ok, I'm over it now. Of course, I didn't notice until almost a week later.

Thanks Insider. If anyone else happens by amidst the tumbleweeds, check out Independent Sources (listed over there under my favorite blogs).

Useless trivia: There are no entries in MS Word Thesaurus for "amidst," but it does show up in the spell check. I looked it up in my dictionary to make sure it really was a word and I was using it correctly. The definition was "amid." But "amidst" popped into my head first so it wins out.

Hey, I ran all the way over here to leave a comment. Am I too late?



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