Monday, February 13, 2006


Cartoon Capers

After reading a bunch of posts and articles and listening to talking heads about the Cartoon Jihad, the common consensus seems to be that this is a freedom of speech issue. Baloney.

Just like the Newsweek (sorry, "NEWSWEEK") Koran story last year, the instigators were just looking for an excuse to riot. The cartoons were published four months ago, the "offender" apologized, and people are falling all over themselves trying to show how sensitive they are to the 'bent-out-of-shape' Islamist rioters, yet the burning goes on.

Its been a while since we heard about the French "youth" rioters, and the NEWSWEEK riots were a long time ago. Seems like the time was ripe to find something to be offended about. How about some 4 month old cartoons?

BTW, they had to make up some of the cartoons to make it look worse.

I agree with you, but from a different angle. How about this post or this one. What do you think?
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