Friday, March 10, 2006


Random Thoughts

Driving home from work the other day, my mind wandered to an interesting thought (at least to me).

If you spend a long time at a company, or even an organization, chances are you will become some kind of a "local expert" at one or more things. Often, this is due to previous local experts leaving or taking on some level of responsibility. As time goes on, others become comfortable coming to you for advice and guidance.

Then something happens. The environment changes, technology changes, and you move on to something else. The activity surrounding your area of expertise suddenly increases, possibly to the point where it consumes a lot of your time. This would be due to a transfer of responsibility or charting a new course. People need to know what you know, what you did, why you did it, etc. It becomes somewhat annoying but satisfying at the same time. You can't spend the time you need on the other stuff you are supposed to do, but the "importance" of what you know is in high demand, making you feel important and vital.

But, before you know it, all of the activity disappears. No one wants your opinion on the subject anymore. Maybe someone will want to know why something was done before, but for the most part you are no longer involved. Even when you offer your services, at best people listen politely then move on. A sad realization sets in.

How you deal with it, I think, determines your outlook on life. You could become grumpy and disgruntled, or you can appreciate the experience and learn from it.

I try for the latter.

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