Sunday, March 12, 2006


Stupid Imams?

I'm perusing the Sunday Commentary section in the Orange County Register*, where in the Readers React section I read a column by a S. Mahmood**. While "S" tries to blame the violence of the Muslims on the West, he/she includes the following paragraph:

It should not surprise us, therefore, that in the Muslim world today - whether in the Middle East or Pakistan - if your son fails at medicine, law, engineering and everything else, you make your son a cleric. Ignorance has begotten ignorance, and in a few hundred years the weakest minds in the Islamic world have become heirs to the Prophet [missing the PBUH - ed] himself.

Wow, they take their dummys and put them in religion, where they fight the dhimmis?

*Sunday, March 12, 2006, Commentary 3

**S. Mahmood, graduated with honors from the department of Near Eastern Studies at Cal Berkeley. Oh, that explains it.

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