Thursday, December 07, 2006


Is Nothing Sacred?

The other night, the family and I went to our City's civic center to watch the "lighting of the tree" and partake in the other activities of that evening. They had Santa Claus, Christmas carolers and choirs, a bell choir from a nearby church playing Christmas songs, a train (tram?) ride through a Christmas village, and some crafts for kids with Christmas decorations. (Recognize a theme here?)

Shortly after the festivities started came time for the major event. The incoming mayor started speechmaking, going on and on (with my son saying "Daddy, when are they going to light the Christmas tree?"). Then the sound of a motorcycle revving, and Santa is sighted, making his appearance to light the...
Freedom tree???

We didn't want to watch the lighting of a "Freedom" tree, we wanted to see the Christmas tree. Everything else there was "Christmas." Except for the tree. What was wrong with the tree?

Would there be someone there, while listening to the Christmas music, riding the Christmas train, sitting on Santa's lap, doing Christmas crafts, be offended by a "Christmas" tree?

We have what used to be known as a Christmas break - now it is a "holiday" break. If we had off for Ramadan, I wouldn't have a problem calling it "Ramadan break," or lighting a Ramadan tree, or eating Ramadan cookies, if that was what society did as a whole. If people want to walk around with dots on their foreheads, or wear orange robes and flowers, or ride bicycles while wearing suits, it doesn't offend me, knock yourselves out. But why can't my City have a Christmas tree?

I don't think we'll be going next year.

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