Sunday, February 18, 2007


Is it Nov 08 Already?

Since the presidential candidates are so eager to get the campaigning going, I guess I should keep track of some of the stuff going on.

My choices at this point, in order of electability are: Giuliani (gotta learn how to spell that one!), Romney, Hunter (as in Duncan). In order of preference (such as conservatism): Hunter, Romney, Giuliani.

Giuliani has some baggage but did some good stuff for NYC and showed a lot of character and strength on 9/11. His history with abortion rights should be taken care of with his stance on SCOTUS appointments, and I don't care so much about guns.

I've been impressed with Romney since the Salt Lake Olympics and the fact that he got elected as a Republican Governor in (M)assachusetts. But he has shown some 'blowin in the wind' tendencies.

Duncan Hunter appears to have all of the right Conservative stuff, at least as much as I've heard, but he is too much of an unknown. Plus, Reps rarely make it to the big dance.

I may bounce between Giuliani and Romney up to the primaries, but will almost certainly support whoever ends up as the Republican nominee (even if it is McCain - yeech!).

Update: Fred Thompson? Hmmm...

Update2: Yes, Fred.


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